Mun May

I design for The Wikimedia Foundation + Wikipedia.

Formerly, at The Weather Channel and various other design and branding agencies like J Walter Thompson. I also co-founded The Mlk Co. on the side with a team of hustlers.

I come from a family of artists and walking advertisements. As a self-taught designer then, I started my career crafting brands and making advertisements in 2007. I recognized, with carefully chosen visuals and words, designers can choose to influence anyone's buying habits—even for brands with damaging values to society. Been there, done that, and left that job. So I went back to school to study how design influences culture, and since 2009, I dedicated my time in making stuff that matters. Stuff that turns people into advocates of all things good for society.

For many years now, I worked on visual experiences of user interfaces where I also get to combine my knowledge in branding, advertising, and systemic design. If you have a problem to solve, in any of the five languages that I speak, let's talk.