Mun May

Prototype to a better Wikipedia.

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Wikipedia has plenty of room for improvements in terms of editor and reader experiences. Since 2007, Wikipedia has experienced a decline in its editor community. But unless a member posseses technical chops, improving experiences on the site is very limited.

Crazy great ideas from anyone deserve to be prototyped. Prototypes as a catalyst for discussions. Turning what-ifs into interactions. A starting point for another contribution towards a more inviting Wikipedia.

This prototyping tool is made to enables ideas. If you can access Wikipedia and understand how to edit Wikipedia, you can contribute. Low entry barriers. It is heavily inspired by lego—basic pieces for the small to big ideas.  

Look at this code. Broken down. Almost in plain English—give me an eye icon that is blue. 

<wiki-icon icon="eye" color="blue"></wiki-icon>


Tools should never get in the way of making things. It should excite and enable. Only 2 steps to start.


The main page of the tool is all about getting the saliva drooling for making stuff. All the components organized.

Screenshot 2016-05-10 22.21.27Screenshot 2016-05-10 22.21.27

From there, it’s becomes a matter of knowing what you need, searching for it, and pasting code in the .html document.


In the spirit of being free, open-source, the framework of this tool is Bootstrap. Bootstrap is also commonly used framework by Wikimedia contributors. 

“Programming is going to be officially googling on Stack Overflow.”

A user said in an interview.

However, equating this tool with programming is what the tool wants to avoid. User support, documentations, and answers should be widely available in many languages via simple web search for anyone. Not surprisingly, this prototyping tool is equipped with a front-end library that is colorblind-screen reader-right-to-left readers-mobile devices-IE9-non-Latin-non-JS-non-designer-non-techsavvy-thumb-friendly. Read more here