Mun May

"The difficulty of bringing on new volunteers [on Wikipedia] has resulted in seven straight years of declining editor participation”

The New York Times


At the Wikimedia Foundation, I led the rebranding effort of making Wikipedia feel more inviting to newcomers while reinforcing its reputation of trustworthy, academic and neutral encyclopedia of the human knowledge. Wikipedia is consumed by anyone of any age, gender, education level, skill type, language, device, age of devices, culture, connection speed, reading direction, and color perception.

The improved interface is-friendly.

My role was to define and lead the development of the design system, set goals, validate problems, research, testing, manage cross-team communications as well as community liaison.

View one of the first executions of the system at the main page of Wikipedia and across the mobile web experiences • Live project site


Any user should be able to extend the library without a design team. Hence, the system must contain minimal sets of easily understandable and reusable specifications with an aesthetic balance. Details should be rooted in use cases to ensure usability as a priority.


The environment of a welcoming and inviting Wikipedia goes beyond colors, typography, and space. The interface must be compliant with the WAI-ARIA and WCAG 2.0 standards for users with accessibility needs. 


Wikipedia is a neutral source of information. A neutral interface invites participation as opposed to intimidate. Sharp corners are used thoughtfully as rounded corners.

Color palette - Typography

Color palette - Background

Icon library